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A country where rural social entrepreneurs flourish and deliver greater sustainable financial and social impact to the Productive Farming community. To Be The Foundation Of Success in  Modern  Farming of our India.


To empower farmers by creating livelihood opportunities through a sustainable ecosystem. Group Could Positively Contribute In The  Development Of The All Activity.

Jeevanjyothi Hosur And External Joy Home Hyderabad

We have raised 4.5 lacs through friends and capital one India to support Jevanjyothi Hosur and Eternal joy Home Hyderabad is a self-sustainable children’s home. Our goal is two-fold: To help the orphanage provide food for the children, thereby fighting malnutrition, and to teach sustainable farming to the community, which will help local families pull themselves out of poverty. This will reduce the number of future orphans and has already allowed orphans to return to extended family members who can now afford to care for them due to increased levels of self-produced income. The farm will supplement the school children’s meals with fresh fruits and vegetables and also peanuts.

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